"Victor Jay Liechty, Sr. is the father of 10 children and grandfather of 21 grandchildren. While raising his young family he would often sing fun children and spiritual songs that he learned during his young adulthood. These songs became a treasure to the family. In order to pass this piece of family history on to the next generation it was decided to have them recorded. Kawika with Heftel Studios was readily available to help with this project. Kawika is professional, musically knowledgable, and excellent at encouraging the artists so that the best takes are captured. As the family of Victor Jay Liechty, Sr. we are pleased with the recording as it captures our father's voice just as we remember it and yet is also a professional, excellent recording. This is a CD our family will treasure for years to come. Thank you Kawika and Heftel Studios!"
--Allison Liechty


Heftel Studios is a recording studio that has been operation since late 2006. We can do recording, mixing, mastering, voice-over work, video post-production, and original music composition. We are committed to providing your project with the best sound possible, at very reasonable rates. We can do a simple acoustic demo, or your whole album. We can record the voiceover for your corporate film, and compose an original soundtrack to really make your message convincing. We are the ideal choice if you are looking for a studio that will make you sound great without breaking the bank. Heftel Studios is conveniently located in Provo, Utah, on Columbia Lane across the street from Deseret Industries.

Heftel Studios specializes in a cappella recording but can do any genre of music. We have some instruments on hand and will record any instrument you can carry in.


We can do your entire audio project from start to finish, from the first tracking session to the finished CD master ready for duplication. We can do all of the processing necessary to make you sound good - equalization, reverb, compression, pitch/time correction, mixing, mastering - in short, we can make sure that your record is professional quality, even if your starting material is less than professional. Studio time is very reasonable, making your audio project more affordable than you ever thought possible.

At Heftel Studios, we are dedicated to excellence at a reasonable price. Visit our samples page to listen to some examples of our excellent work.

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